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Cellerium uses its unique platform to supply development services to enterprise organizations, website owners, and whoever desires to transfer his online web service to the mobile.

Do You Want to Mobilize Your Online Service or Website ?

If you want to transfer your online web service to mobile, Cellerium is perfect for you.
Using the Cellerium platform, our Professional Services team can supply you with a quick development of a mobile application, which runs on all major mobile platforms, connecting to your current web services, and running your own business logic.

Already Have an iPhone app ?

As much as the hype the iPhone made, and the game-changer it is, still most of the mobile users over the world are using other mobile devices.
If you want to gain more traction to your mobile service by accessing a larger crowd then just iPhone users, Cellerium's Professional Services team can duplicate your iPhone app to look the same, but run on all other major platforms, like Android, Symbian, Blackberry, Bada and 3G devices.

Why not Develop a Native Mobile Application ?

Nowadays there are at least 5 to 6 leading mobile platforms. From iPhone, Android and Symbian, to Blackberry Windows Mobile and feature phones. Each of the different mobile platform uses a different development methodology, tools, and logic. In addition, developing a mobile application is accompanied with a lot of obstacles, caused by the differences between all the various mobile devices, all of which, you should resolve on your own.
Development companies usually require multiple work-force, funds and much more time, if you request them to develop your mobile application to work on all major mobile platforms.
Cellerium's platform sorts out all the above, to an easy and quick process of mobile application development, without the additional need of resources and time. The result is a mobile application that works on all major platforms, which rivals native developed mobile applications.
In addition, any mobile application developed by Cellerium is very easy to maintain. Every change made to the application affects automatically to all users running the application, on any mobile platform, without having to re-install or update their mobile app.

Use Cellerium's Services and:
  • Get your online service or website onto mobile devices instantly
  • Have your mobile app run on all major platforms, not just iPhone
  • Reach a larger crowd and make your service visible in a larger scale
  • Maintain your mobile app easily and quickly
  • Have your users get updated with changes you make, on the air, no need for app updates