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   Mobile Platforms


Cellerium's Studio is an easy to use Drag&Drop tool, running completely on the web, using a web browser.
Using the Studio, you can design and create your mobile application screens, attach it to your business logic and data, and wrap it up as a mobile application, ready to be deployed onto the different app stores.

Accessing the Studio

In order to use the Cellerium Studio, you do not need to download anything. No IDE installation is needed, nor studying a new SDK libraries.
All you need to do is open your favorite web browser, and access the Cellerium Studio URL. The Studio will be opened onto your browser, so you can start working immediately.    

Mobile Application Creation

Creating a Cellerium Mobile Application using the Studio is very easy. No need to be familiar with mobile development or to study a new coding language. Actually, using the Cellerium Studio doesn't require any coding at all !
Using a simple Drag&Drop interface, you design your mobile application pages, and with an easy "Connect the Dots" approach, these pages can be quickly attached to your existing business logic interfaces or data sources services.

Packaging and Deployment to App Stores

When you are done creating your Cellerium Mobile Application, with a click of a button the platform can package your mobile application into small client executable package. Each client executable package suits a different platform or OS. One package for Symbian, another for Android devices, Blackberry, Bada, etc. 3G mobile devices are supported by the Cellerium Platform as well.
Now all left to do is upload the executable package to the suitable Mobile App Store, and deploy it.
Yout no longer have to deal with per device application customizations, images adaptations and UI differentiation. All mobile applications created with the Cellerium Studio will run on the different platforms with no additional effort from your side.

Cellerium Studio Advantages
  • No need for IDE or SDK - The Studio runs on any web browser over the web
  • Start to create your applications immediately - no need to study a new language or coding schema
  • Develop mobile applications in days instead of months - it's as quick as creating a power-point slide
  • Work with an easy to use Drag&Drop and 'Connect the Dots' tool
  • Package your application to target all major app stores in one click of a button