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   Mobile Platforms

 Mobile Platforms

Creating a mobile application on the Cellerium platform automatically makes your application available to all major platforms.

One Application fits All Platforms

When you create a mobile application using the Cellerium Studio, The Cellerium platform automatically generates various executable products that suit each of today's leading mobile platforms, such as Android, Symbian, Blackberry, Bada and 3G mobile devices. If you would like support for the iPhone, you can create a separate application for iPhone using Apple's SDK, and connect the data delivery through the Cellerium platform to ensure the content is received flawlessly.
You do not need to do anything yourself. The platform will take care of customizing and adapting your application, to work natively on all supported mobile platforms. Your application will run on each mobile platform as if it were a native application, without the end-user noticing anything.