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   Mobile Platforms


Cellerium's unique development platform enables you, as a developer or website owner, to easily create a mobile application for your service.
Service Integrators, VARs and software development companies can take advantage of the Cellerium platform to respond quickly to their customers' needs, by easily developing mobile applications, to all major platforms, without any mobile development specialization and in 10% of the time.

So, Are you ready to use Cellerium?


The revolution that the internet went through in the last decade, is occurring nowadays, once again, for the mobile internet.
Mobile Phones are becoming "Smart Phones", snappy mobile applications are starting to replace the fatiguing mobile browsers websites, and dynamic users' content is now the King also on the mobile arena...    

What if...
  • Creating rich mobile web apps would take days instead of months...
  • I could write my app once and have it run on all major platforms...
  • I could make changes in the background with no need to redistribute a new version for my customers...
  • I would be able to pay as I grow instead of investing large funds upfront...
Well, You Can.

Use Cellerium !

Getting your online service to mobile platforms as quickly as possible is the most important thing for you. You do not want to invest lots of funds ahead for development, not knowing whether this investment will be profitable for your service.
Using Cellerium's platform, and more specifically, Cellerium's Studio, you can quickly and easily create a mobile application which automagically runs on all popular mobile platforms.

A mobile app created using Cellerium's Studio is dynamic. This means, the app itself is located on Cellerium's mobile-services-cloud, rather than on the mobile device itself. This enables you, as an application owner, to make changes, fixes or feature additions to your application, without the need for your users to re-download/update their mobile application.

So, the main advantages of building a mobile application using Cellerium, are:
  • Create an app in days instead of months
  • Use an intuitive, no-expertise-need, drag-and-drop web Studio
  • Your mobile app automagically runs on all major mobile platforms, without you having to do anything
  • Change/Fix/Add anything on your mobile app, and have the changes instantly appear on customers' mobile screens with no application update downloads
  • No need to spend huge funds on development - pay only for app hosting over our service-cloud