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 CellTwit v2.0

How to use CellTwit v2.0 ?


Use the mobile device's navigation keypad/joystick to navigate through the elements on screen. Use the Fire/Center key to act upon that element you are focused on.
When you are on a scrollable list, click up and down (or left and right) to navigate through the items on the list. To choose an item from the list, click on the Fire/Center key.

If you are inside a scrollable list, and wish to go out of it, click the left soft key "List Out". You will automatically pop out of the list, and get focused on an other element on screen.

If your device has a touch screen, touch the various elements on screen to give them focus. Touch an element again to act upon it. To scroll a scrollable list, just swipe your finger from the bottom of the list to its top, or vise versa (scrolls down or up respectively). To choose an item on the list, just touch it.

From anywhere in the application, click on the right soft key "Back" in order to move back to the previous screen.
When not inside a scrollable list, click on the left soft key "Menu" in order to open the system menu.
Menu options:
  1. Home - jumps to the home screen
  2. Back - goes back to the previous screen
  3. Refresh Page - reloads the current viewed page
  4. Reload application - resets the application. use this if you wish to reload the application from the server
  5. Show shortcut keys - shows the shortcut key numbers on each element on page
  6. Disable tooltips - enables/disables the tooltip viewing in the application
  7. Help - shows a help message
  8. About - shows information about the application and developer
  9. Exit - quits the application
 Login Screen

Insert your username and password in the appropriate text fields, then click on the "Sign in" button. Your username and password will be saved for future sign ins.
 Main Screen

CellTwit's main screen contain your picture, last tweet and the time you produced your last tweet.
Down below that is the tweet-box where you can write your new tweet and click on the "tweet it" button.
The "Refresh" button just reads the latest information from twitter, and updates the main screen.
The "Search and trends" leads to a page enabling you to search for a twitter trends, or search for your own term (see below).

All your followings are placed inside the scrollable list. Each item in the list contains the picture of the user, his/hers name and last tweet and tweet time.
Clicking on a specific user will lead you to that user's page (see below).

If you feel lost, you can always click on the "HELP" link and get to the help screen.

User Screen

A user's screen contains basic information of that user on the top of the page (name, location, no. of followings and followers).

In addition, the latest user's tweets are placed in the scrollable list, where you can browse through, and choose the tweet you like to read/reply to..
Read Tweet Screen

In the Read Tweet screen you see the whole tweet you clicked on, along with the basic information of the user which this tweet blongs too.

If the tweet contains any links, either a web link (http://...), user link (@...) or a hashtag (#...), you can choose to follow this link by clicking on the "Links" button, and then choose the desired link.

In addition, you can choose to reply to this tweet, or retweet it to your followers list.
 Reply Screen

The Reply screen gives you the option to write a response to a specific user, regarding a specific tweet.
The basic information of the user that placed the original tweet, is placed on top of the screen.
The tweet which you are replying about is running in a ticker on top of the reply text-box.
Write your response inside the text-box, and then click on the "Tweet" button.
 Search and Trends Screen

The Search and Trends screen offers a list of twitter's hot trend terms, which you can choose to search for.
In addition, the search-box on the top of the screen enables you to search for your own term.
Search Results Screen

The Search Results screen shows you the results for your trend/own searched term, in a scrollable list.
When you click on any of the search results, you are led to the "Read Tweet" screen.
For any questions/problems/comments you can reach us at: