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   About Us

 About Us

Our Mission

Cellerium's mission is to enable everyone to easily develop mobile applications, which will work on all major mobile platforms/OSs, in a fraction of the time and cost. The Cellerium platform is targeted not only for developers or mobile application experts, but also for designers and website managers. Cellerium's Studio is a web-based studio which is available on any web browser, without any need to download a separate IDE or study a new coding language.

Company Overview

Cellerium was founded in mid-2007 by a team of mobile development experts, with a lot of experience in creating native mobile applications on mobile devices, and server side services for mobile endpoints.
In 2009 Cellerium concluded the initial version of the platform, and began using it to develop mobile applications for various customers in different verticals, such as web sites and services, banking, media oriented companies and enterprise organizations.
The technology Cellerium is using is protected by a patent pending.

Management Team

Doron Libstein - Chairman of the Board
Doron had spent 13 years at Microsoft, and in his last post there served as Regional Director and established MSN Israel. A visionary and an avid entrepreneur, he is also the Chairman of the leading Israeli Internet Portal Tapuz, as well as the Chairman and CEO of Part Interactive Coaches and Chief Entrepreneur of CI Endeavour.

Barak Ben Avinoam - Board Member (Investors representative)
Barak is the CEO of Iris Ventures, the main investor of Cellerium. Barak held several C-level executive positions with technology companies and accumulated vast international business development and sales experience with leading Global 2000 companies.
His previous positions include: COO of Lab-One, Co-Founder & CEO of Prolify, Co-Founder & CEO of Flash Networks, General Manager (Europe) at Business Layers.
Barak holds an MBA and a DBA, both at the International School of Management in Paris, and holds a B.Sc. in Information Systems from Drexel University in Philadelphia. Barak is also a visiting professor for international business and entrepreneurship at several MBA programs in Paris.

Asaf Peeri - CEO
Asaf is an expert in mobile, server, Java and Web technologies. With profound experience in working with leading global mobile operators, Asaf have led product developments from pilots to production in large scale telco-grade environments. Previously managed R&D projects at Trivnet, eWave, Emblaze and Amdocs. 

Asher Aslan - Mobile Technology Leader
Mobile development guru, with a vast experience in leading development of mobile applications over Palm, WinCE, Symbian, J2ME, .NET Compact Framework, Blackberry and Android and iPhone. Previously a senior programmer for Onset Technologies and MessageVine.

Oren Solomon - Projects Leader
Coming from the mobile world, Oren is experienced in many mobile technologies, like .NET Compact Framework, Blackberry and J2ME.
Previously was responsible for mobile and applications technologies projects development in Onset Technologies and MessageVine.